MeaN ART Project Space

Mean ART Project Space is about investigating the meaning of Art. It is about the intend, the will of the individual to create a serious expression and an artistic vision.

A room for ideas to take place in, a place to love Art for Art sake.  For Art to form a creative practice, expanding or narrowing our own vocabulary within the arts.

Above all it is the will to make space for free speech and expression. A global and international platform to meet and greet each other. For Artist to unite through dialogue…

Founder and Owner of Mean ART, Metin di Matri: “ You have two choices in Art, either You are on the way to the Creator or You sell your soul to the devil…”

Art as a spiritual practice can be a path to freeing ones imagination. People relate to images easier than to words, also a reason for us to make space for images. Art as an initiator into the mysteries of life. Art to talk about transformation from spirit to the materia. Art is about being real present, paying close attention to the moment. Art as selfstudy, as a way to understand others. We believe Art needs to be truthful,not factual to be emotional accessible. We embrace the grotesque, ugly, unknown as same as beauty.

Art for or against an ideology is as much part of our space as expanding conventional thinking. Art as a time shifter and enlightenment.  Art for so many reasons, but best because it is part of humanity.  Last but not least Art as an expression of Love :


MeaN ART Project Space is proudly providing an intimate private place for a meaningful intervention for the dialogue between creators/ artists/ musicians/ culture work and audience.

“Everything is possible, nothing is impossible”

There are no failures in Life, only the lack of desire  …

                                                 I   M E A N   I T   !

                                                     Metin di MATRI



MeaN ART Project Space first Opening will be held Friday, Sep. 15th, 2017 from 7 p.m.-10 p.m. We will be presenting the works by :


Monika Bulanda   ( Polish born, lives and works in Istanbul)

Marjam Oskoui     ( German born, lives and works in Los Angeles)


Metin Di Matri

Founder / Owner

marjam OSKOUI

Art Director